Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NO more winter Olympics for me then

I was reading the all the stuff on NHL Yahoo, as i always do at work, and i noticed an article about how the NHL is thinking about pulling all of its players from being in the olympics after 2010. My jaw dropped to the fucking floor. There is nothing better than watching olympic hockey, nothing. Seeing a group of countrymen battle your least favorite country and dominate? Priceless. Think of it this way, if the NHL doesnt put in its top players, that means that team Canada and team USA are gonna be pretty bad, but all the european and russian teams are gonna be phenomonal due to the fact that they have all of there elite leagues over there, so they are gonna kick balls. i say let the players play, so what if it cuts into the regular season, its gonna be better than watching the blackhawks play the thrashers.

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