Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lady Miss Sonic's Longest Work Week Ever

- I am thankful for all the people of Goleta NOT coming to Hollywood Video between the hours of 4-10PM on Thanksgiving, therefore letting us close an hour early. But you didn't hear that. I am NOT thankful, however, of the asshole who came in and screamed, "YOU'RE THE ONLY PLACE OPEN IN TOWN!"

- A customer came in to rent some movies. I noticed her last name was Morrison. I asked, "Are you related to Sarah Morrison?" She replies, "No, I don't think so." I sigh and go, "You must not be on the internet much." She took her change and walked away very confused.

- I see a picture on the internet comparing John Travolta and Xenu and how much they look a like. Now I wonder, did John Travolta shave his head to look like Xenu, or was it just a coincidence?

- I'm sitting on the floor looking through the bins and watching Dex play Animal Crossing. I find a spider in the corner of one. I squeal and get up, "hold on, I'm going to drown this thing with Windex."

- I inform Joker that I made brownies, and that it's too bad that we don't have any weed. He gets really excited, and wants some, but has no weed. I tell him, "sorry, I'll make you brownies when I get paid." He is slightly offended and says he will remember this.

- Dexter and I drive around downtown Santa Barbara going to random ATMs seeing if maybe one of them will let me overdraft. I glare at the last ATM and ask it, "why is it that when I WANT the bank to let me overdraft, it won't let me?"

- I look at my account statement, and IM Dexter, knowing that he is asleep. "There is a random $96.00 fee that came out of nowhere. I would really like to know where it came from. Well, there goes Linda Vista."

- I am now livid that a $96.00 fee came out of nowhere. This means no Linda Vista, and I REALLY have to save the shit out of my paycheck.

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