Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trashy Lately 11/12/08 and whatever weeks before.

-I am back.

-Lady Miss Sonic, Agent Aum and I filmed the first Moar Internetz video blog on Halloween. I cannot figure out how to upload it. When I do it will be epic.

-Kerry and I are discussing sex as usual. She brings up anal sex for women and asks "How is that pleasurable for women? like I get it for men because they have prostates." I reply "Well usually with anal sex for females, there's usually manual-clitoral stimulation occuring" we go silent, look at each other confused and I announce "Wow I like how the only time we can sound intelligent is when we're discussing sex"

-Kerry and I are still discussing sex while driving through the mall parking lot. This time we are talking about personal turn-ons like biting, manhandling etc. I yell "Grab my ass just do it!" at the top of my lungs. i turn around to ash my cigarette out the window, realized the window is down and that some middle aged black woman is staring at me with her jaw dropped. I turn to kerry and start screaming "oh my god! drive! drive!"

-By some strange occurance I end up hanging out/Drinking with Jaymie, Jp, and Keisha in their dorm at Berkeley. Jaymie and Keisha are getting ready to go out to some club. I am drunk and full of tylenol. When Jaymie is getting ready to leave I yell "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" He replies "What does that even mean coming from you?!"

-Jaymie requests that I keep an eye on the guy he likes at a social function I am attending in the future. I reply "You're having your hated ex-boyfriend spy on the boy you have a crush on? This is like a really bad tv show."

-Upon honoring his request to be a bitchy little spy Jaymie says "Thank you so much! I love you!" I reply "Yeah if you actually loved me you'd actually hang out with me, I love you too gonnorhea bomb " he says "LOL you seriously come up with the best nicknames for me" I reply "I think my love-hate relationship with you has just inspired me to start a band called Gonnorhea Bomb"

-I am no longer allowed to do jagerbombs because when I do the night always ends with me having some sort of meltdown.

-My ears become a lot less congested and I can all of a sudden hear almost perfectly again. Upon realizing this I bbm Tatjana "My ears are less congested I've never realized how fucking loud I talk until now." she replies "It's taken you almost 19 years to figure that out?"

-Clear Lake is a horrible white trash trailer park town. Do not go there. Everyone there looks like a meth addict and even more probably actually do meth.

-I am seriously considering moving to Southern California with Elizabeth, Gilley and Little Marianne next summer/fall. Think about it, You have a drag queen, a wannabe disney princess, a misanthropic indie girl, and a gay asian guy who indulges in pills and booze. It's an award winning sitcom waiting to happen

-My friend Kristin informs me on facebook that Socal misses me. I post back to her "People of Socal, I will return for you and get you all stinking drunk!"

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