Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lady Miss Sonic's Quickest Week Ever

- I looked over at Harry Potter and asked, "are you drunk?" He simply laughed in reply.

- Amber and I founded a new disease.

- Christine had just finished telling me the Hollywood Video Poopy Pants Story. She concluded it with, "and she was a Brooks student." I laughed.

- Dex looked at me and said, "you know when ants go in the hole of the stove because someone dropped a macaroni and cheese noodle in there, and you can set them on fire?" I automatically got an image of Dexter laughing evilly and setting ants on fire.

- I did my laundry at three in the morning. Why? Because I can.

- I was doing the close out, when it asked me for the weather, rain/no rain, and temperature. I really wanted to put, "snowy, no rain, 110*F." Christine told me not to do so. I was depressed. Andrew did it all the time. Does this mean Andrew fucks up Hollywood Video's statistics? I hope so.

- I forgot my cell phone inside the store after Christine had set the alarm. We had to re-enter the store and call Checkpoint. "Yeah, sorry, I had to re-enter the store because I forgot my car keys." I was laughing hysterically in the background.

- I told my mom she was a fucking whore. She replied, "do NOT call me a fucking whore," so I said, "whore whore whore whore." She then got angry, and I hung up before she could respond.

- Dex and I paid for cigarettes in change today. We had never felt so successful in our lives.

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