Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lady Miss Sonic's Longest Week Ever

- RJ looked at his phone on election day, and then told me, "Facebook is turning into a political twitter."

- I hugged Christine and asked, "What does your tit smell like? Fantasy by Britney Spears?" She backed away, almost offended, "No, I would never wear her! This is Paris Hilton."

- My blackberry was spazzing out, and I didn't know what to do. RJ suggested, "why don't you ask Sarah Morrison?" I thought about it: if there was a blackberry god, it'd probably be her.

- I was driving home when I got a sudden text from RJ, "Lauren just threw a Sarah Palin at me on the internet." I somehow expected it.

- Chris pointed at Herman Li, "he just licked his guitar."

- I was on the phone with Tony, and Christine kept saying, "hey Tony, hey Tony!" I laughed and said, "Tony, I think my smgr is flirting with you via phone." He laughed. I felt him blushing through the phone.

- "Tati, I'll call you back, got a few complicated customers." I thought for a minute.. "Tony, do you even have this number?" He replied, "hehehehehe no."

- I brought a screwdriver to work (except it was Tampico instead of orange juice), and set it to the side for the floor cleaning later, that way I could drink it and somehow survive the five hours of shit. Christine saw it, took a big gulp, and had a shocked look on her face, "THAT IS NOT ORANGE JUICE." I lol'd.

- I fell asleep on the counter at about three in the morning. I woke up at four and quickly wiped the drool before anyone could see it.

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