Tuesday, November 25, 2008

21 is the new 11

ok i know that everyone on this site that i have actually hung out with, loves to party. i know that because i have partied with them, but i dont know if its just cause i dont like to drink that much or if i am just in a shitty mood but i think that at my 21st bday party, i just want a party. i dont think that 21st is that big of a thing. seriously, what is so big about it? now i can officially go out onto the world and get stupid drunk anytime i want? i think there are manyother occasions where one could actually celebrate for a reason, like graduating school, buying a house, getting a great job, going off to the armed forces, whatever, but there are tons of better reasons than turning alcoholic 21 to have a banging party. i mean last year at my 20th i had a fucking blast. i had a surprise party hella people came by, like people i wouldnt of ever expected to, it was great, but i just feel like there is no reason to celebrate me turning 21. 21 is just 21, just another year gone by that i couldve been doing something else. im just saying i dont feel like i have the right to have a hella bomb ass party, i havent accomplished anything substantial since my last birthday, so lets just leave it at that.

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