Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I love the things i love...

He has waited for this moment from the first time he saw her. Her physical appearance has been on his mind for months.

His training has never been more intense!

He knew the day was coming where they would have they would finally have the chance to "get it on". He has been dreaming of this for a long time and did not want to blow his chance.

It would be a disaster if his fingers could not hold up!

He knew her history and knew she was going to be no joke. He tried to stay positive and did all his homework. He knew the proper technique and knew what he would have to do to finish her off right.

He knew he would have to leave no stone unturned. He trained his arch, glutes, grip and everything else he would need to complete the job. He spent countless sessions using the power web just to make sure his fingers would hold up.

Finally the day was here. The date was made and the challenge was to unfold.

Then it happened. The dead lift bar was before him. He pulled with all his might and just when he would normally drop the bar - his grip held strong.

In the end he walked away with another record, another PR and the reassurance that hard work does pay off.
THis is seriously off of a website intitled elitefts.com and this is for that product the power gripper. lol.


Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

I thought it was some kinky I-just-lost-my-virginity-and-will-now-blog-about-it post.

Clearly, not. O.o

Agent Aum said...

lol. thats what i thought when i first read it. EW!!! GROSS!