Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weight Watcher

As you all know, I have lost around 15 lbs since august. I just started noticing in the past 2 weeks, half of my clothes are all of a sudden kind of loose on me. My Cheap Monday high-waisted pants used to be like a corset on me and used to suffocate me a little bit. Now, I have to wear a belt with the waist all the way up. My Peg Leg discolored american flag-esque t-shirt which used to be rather form fitting, looks rather the opposite. I do not muffin-top any of my jeans any more, which is a good thing however pants that used to fit me perfectly, no longer do.

This is just an excuse to go do more shopping.

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Agent Aum said...

yeah it sucks when you lose weight cause then you have to go shopping. im almost forced into the same predicament.