Friday, October 3, 2008

Trashy Lately 10/3/08

- I travel deep into San Francisco to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store to get the shirt I posted here earlier this week. When I get there, they do not have it. I get upset and leave. I inform Lady Miss Sonic that I am breaking up with Marc Jacobs.

-I am having another pointless conversation with Jaymie in which i randomly remember a conversation we had about money while we were dating. He informs me he does not remember said conversation. I tell him "It's okay, you've been preoccupied with your slutty self and other slutty boys, you slut" he tells me to "shut up" i tell him "you only say that because it is true"

-Tyler calls my house a cesspool of sperm. I respond with "No that is (I'm not saying names)'s butt." Tyler get grossed out. I remind him "If I didn't say gross things like that, we wouldn't be friends" He agrees.

-Tyler is talking about Margaret Cho's jokes about softball players being lesbians and then apologizes to stephanie. I ask " Oh Softball you played Stephanie?" Tyler acts like he didnt notice and says "No, her sister does"

-I inform lady miss sonic that whenever a survey asks what I think my future will be like, i answer with "I want to be sarah morrison when i grow up". Lady Miss Sonic informs me that she does too. I say " i think if we told her about that she would think we're creepy."

-I am out of cigarettes. I am chewing on a pair of nail clippers.

-Someone on the internet posts a bulletin asking what people are going to wear to lovefest since it will be cold. i tell him that everyone will be drunk and rollin' and still slutty and that includes me.

-One of my friends reminds me how drunk I was at Eric's party 2 weeks ago and that I was as bad as last year. I tell her "At least i didnt break the hookah this year". I am pretty sure Eric is not going to invite me to his next birthday party.

-I just realized i have like 4 pairs of acid wash pants.

-Army Recruiters are for some reason trying to recruit me. They are leaving voicemails, coming to my house, and leaving flyers on my front porch. I do not know how they got my information. I am discussing this with my mom and tell her "If they come back, I am going to dress up in the fruitiest outfit I can make and answer the door like Miss Jay"

-I am discussing above situation with my mom and grandma and they jokingly (i hope) bring up "don't ask don't tell" I respond with "I do not care if they ask, I will tell everything" they start laughing.

-I think I am the only part filipino person who can cuss out their senile filipino grandpa daily and not get hit for it.

-My hair straightener broke. I look grungy. Oddly enough, I've been listening to a lot of grunge since.

-My dad walks by me and informs me that i smell like a cigarette, which he does daily. I don't know if thinks its motivating me to quit because it's not. I turn around and announce "It's nothing new! Nothing new! ITS NOTHING NEW!"

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