Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trashy Lately 10/11/08

-Nothing is happening. Absolutely nothing is happening. This is horrible. Where the hell did everyone run off to?

-I decided I can only smoke menthols when I'm drunk.

-I for absolutely no reason feel like moving to London.

-Tatjana and I were discussing the blackberry flip-phone in which i referred to it as betrayal and called it a black republican.

-All my emails are coming in at 3:00 am on my blackberry I am losing my mind.

-I've spent too much time at home in the last week causing me to be semi-rediculously upset all the time and really stupidly confrontational and bitchy.

-I think I might be too afraid to do anything on friday nights now becase i have had a string of bad friday nights so i'm considering spending every friday night holed up in my room with a 40.

-I miss everyone. well, almost everyone.

-I have been doing some political campaigning. I am not going to talk about it but I have been.

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