Thursday, October 16, 2008


So today me and the mighty mighty bosstone formely know as corrina, were waiting in the dvc bakery for my mom cause she wantd to get some bakery goods since there 1/2 off today. She arrives like 30 minutes later than she said she would, but she has a Red Bull cola? She said that the redbull peeple are out side giving out free stuff!!! so i go outside and to my suprise there are no damn redbull peepple..... However there are like no joke 10-15 mofos outside drinking redbull.
Sigh...So i go back into the bakery and i tell meine mutti and M.M.B. that the redullites were not outside. So we get our six cookies and two muffins and then we walk outthere and Kazaam! They appear and give me and MMB REDULLS!!! WOOOOO! then they said to go to the soapbox derby and i think me mother and i might,but MMB has to work....BOOOO.... so my mom started to leave and as she was leaving the Redbullites came over and gave ME a Redbull Cola! its pretty damn good, not yet available in stores, and the pop tap has a bull cutout init!
So today is starting off GREAT!


Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

Redbull cola wtf? When's it coming to stores?

Agent Aum said...

keine ahnug......but they just told me that......