Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meditation under water

So today is a thursday, so i do have swimming like everyother tuesday thursday, and so i was doing my wonderful lovely BREASTSTROKE and while i was in full stride, i see lightning underwater....wait it was not lightning, it was a camera flash. a person had an underwater camera and was taking pictures of me while i was swimming. So i finished my lap and shes wading there in the water and she asks me, if she can take pictures of me, cause she needs practice because she has to take pics of the water polo team. i dont mind at all so i tell her sure, then she asks me if she can take fotos of me whilst meditating underwater. Sure. She asks me why i have an Aum tatoo and i tell her because of my lite experience with buddhism and she says ah the only religion we all need. True. Anyway she takes about four or five pics of me meditating under water, and she tells me she is going to email them to me. so as soon as i get them there going up on here! wooo!

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