Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lady Miss Sonic's Most LOL WHUT Week Ever.

- Christine informs her mother of my breast reduction surgery. Her mother pulls me closer, and lifts up my shirt and bra screaming, "LET ME LOOK AT THOSE!"

- A significant amount of time later, Christine's mother and I are in the kitchen, standing by the refrigerator. She looks at me and yells, "Do you know the definition of close to perfect?" I was confused on what she was talking about, so I shrugged. She yelled, "YOUR BREASTS." I didn't know what to say.

- Sarah Morrison and I were talking on BBM. She said, "I had two people still bummed out I was going home so early at 5:30am. There's a huge difference between bars closing at two and four." I replied, "It's 5:30am! And you're sober! You have every right to want to go home." She says, "Oh and they never stop selling alcohol. Never." We both come to the conclusion that LA is ridiculous.

- I asked Sarah, "Why did you move to New York anyways?" She said, "to get a real writing job." I replied, "Oh Sarah. Best Week Ever will pwn any novel. No need for this real writing job." I then told her that somebody is now going to make a chick flick out of her moving to NY, like the opposite of Men in Trees. She asks, "Are you saying I should move to Alaska?"

- It was two in the morning. I text Christine, "I just woke up wanting a Freebirds burrito." I always want Freebirds when nobody else can go. I also told Christine I just woke up so she didn't think I was crazy.

- Daniel calls me at three in the morning, "I CAN'T SLEEP." I reply, "I was about to." He goes, "Oh, you were online on Myspace. All right, go to bed. Good night." Little does he know, I live on the internet and I'm online everywhere.

- I hint to Sarah about my wanting to run away to Australia. She said, "My brother went for some semester abroad there and hasn't been the same since, it was kinda awesome. Probably the kangaroos." Sarah is right. Kangaroos change lives, fa sho.

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