Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trashy Lately 9/17/08

-Yes I am biting off of Sarah Morrison's Best Week Ever idea. Except i will be doing this daily and when i feel like it. It will probably not be as entertaining as hers.

-Sarah and I are late for school today. Sarah suggests running to class from the car. We are both smokers. I tell her "We will run about 2 feet and then die". She agrees.

-Sarah is in desperate need of a cigarette. I hand her one of the crappy korean super light cigarettes Sonia gave me yesterday. Upon taking a drag, Sarah gets a confused look on her face and announces "I might as well be breathing air!" I hand her a smooth.

-In human sexuality, my teacher took an anonymous sex survey of the class. Then tallies the results on the board. One person has had sex with seven or more people over the last 12 months. I tune out and spend the rest of the class looking at everyone trying to think who it is.

-I wore my fur vest from Wasteland to school today. Sonia informs me I look like a polar bear. She then says something along the lines of "Sex" and "Polar Bears" I ask her "Did you just say you want to have sex with a polar bear?" she looks at me and says "Yes"

-Lady Miss Sonic bbm's me simply to inform me her mother is wasted and just got punched by a dog.

-This annoying little boy I used to make out with over a year ago has been greeting me on aim and calling me stupid names. Due to recent events, I have grown intolerant of it and usually just close the IM window. He instant messages me today referring to me as a "goo chink dyke". I pull a Heather Chandler and tell him to "Grow up, name calling is so 07" and put my screen name on hidden.

-Same annoying little boy tries to start with me on my myspace comments. I delete the comment and block him.

-One of my friends from the obnoxious gay internet community Downelink, informs me that he saw me at school today. He has previously told me he was bad with faces so i asked him how he knew it was me. He replied "because it was totally your style, and you were smoking and walking fast!"

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Teekz said...

I feel special, I was featured on your blog. =) Totally needa stogg one time, oh wait-I quit, oh well, there's always exceptions.