Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something that is in GREAT need of remooval.

Well I have been thinking about this and i know its going to sound really fucked up, but, someone needs to be the bearer of bad news. I beleive that obesity should be taken off of the list of handicaps. Honestly, im sorry but, why should someone that is really out of shape, even enough to become obese, be allowed to park hella close to the fucking ice cream shop!!! that does not make sense!! Also think of how fucked up it is that we pay taxes for fat people to remain fat. I understand, that some people have psychiological problems with food, and they cant stop eating or maybe they have diabetes, whatever. I used to be chunky, (210 on a 5'10" frame) but i learned how to eat correctly and made adjustments to my physical output and now im in better shape (170 6' 13.2% bf) and i feel wonderful with my life. Many of my friends have became a little bit overweight or what not and they know how to combat it, and its a never ending battle but still you need to do shit when shit needs doin! YOu may be reading this and thinking,
"UGH! what a fucking uptight skinny asshole, he doesnt know what i go through, all the hatred and the selfconfidence issues i have." BITCH PLEASE! i was a melodramatic teenager who used to be chubby and girls wouldnt talk to me, so shut up with your whining and get your shit going and start your new life today.
If you are obese and you wanna take action hit me up and we will start to work on it, if you feel to embarrassed try some of these websites out: This site will help you get your diet on a better track. Here you can talk to others and also learn what to do to prevent and conquer obesity
Ok now im good, but freals we need to take that shit off of the handicap privileges.

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