Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Call me a nerd, but I just had a conversation with Sarah Morrison, RJ and I's blogger role model.

Tatjana: from one of your best week evers.. you said you smoke cigarettes fast. I DO TOO! and people look at me funny lol.
Sarah: yeah people are like do you eat them.
Tatjana: Yeah, people ask me that too lol. I just smoke fast, I can't help it.
Sarah: i can smoke a cigarette and someone else will be like half done
Tatjana: Oh I know, righT? Silly slow smokers.

Sarah Morrison, for all you MI readers, is where MoarInternetz got it's inspiration. Tra$h Na$ty and I would love to be as famous as Sarah, however, we are far from it, but will nonetheless continue being a bunch of assholes on the internet. Sarah also speaks lolcat.

Check out Sarah's blog, too!


Oh best week ever, thank god you're back.

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