Monday, September 29, 2008

Ropes, Gags, and . . . Tickles?

So I've been researching BDSM, specifically Bondage, Masochism, and sensory play, because my new gf is into a lot of this, has been for a several years, but I'm just a newbie at all of this. (Newbie as in I had ask why is each instance called a scene, and how exactly do you crack a whip?)

It all looks really interesting and at first it was slightly overwhelming, but I've sorted through enough info to know what is what, know I just need to learn how. One of the most interesting things I've noticed is that a lot of BDSM uses bondage(tying someone up, in case you didn't know), and that many of the knots are the same knots one learns for climbing, boating, and from being in the boyscouts, and the ones that aren't, are almost exactly the same except prettier.

So far I've learned how to tie limbs to a bedpost, tie a chest harness, body harness, or safe hog-tie(I don't like the hogtie, it seems so unatractive), hairtie, relearned basic knots, and learned how to store rope.

I'm probably gonna post some of the things I learn about BDSM up here and also possibly personal experience, so i fyou're into this kind of stuff or even just curious, look for the posts

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