Sunday, September 28, 2008

One of the things that i dislikes alot.

Well first off, my bad for not posting in quite some time, ive been working 7 days straight, right after school, so i havent had any time to do shit.

Anyway, i get sick of using ziplocks for everything so i use foil for like sandwhiches and fruits, so ya know i can recycle it. Oh but but but but, i went to my moms and i needed to make a sangwitch and i got some of her aluminum foil. OWE MEYE FUCKING GOTT!!! it juiced dongs, it was like using 1ply toilet paper, it gets the job done but not really. I wrapped up my essen, and that shit started taring at the seems. so i just wrapped it up more and it blew even worse. So point of this post is, go get r
eal foil and also when your about to bye it, open it and feel the texture, that goes for all of the th
ings you buy. 


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Corrina said...

what is this even about?

Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

Eddie's strong hatred for foil.