Monday, September 22, 2008

Okay, yes Sarah Palin is a cunt.

I am not normally one to get all involved in politics. But this woman is against sex ed, gay marriage, and abortion. She is against abortion even in cases of incest and rape. She made rape victims in the town she was mayor of pay for their own forensic exams. She is claimed to be a feminist but since when does any true feminist want to overturn roe vs wade? She is horrible for human rights. .I am honestly a little afraid that because of her the republicans will win. Why? because Americans are still honestly stupid and are forgetting separation of church in state. And really, She's going to be VP, not president, all those conservative idiots need to get the fuck over it. And she's from Alaska. Alaska is barely part of the US. When asked about her national security credentials in an interview with Charlie Gibson, she quickly changed the subject to her stance on energy conservation. In fact, that whole interview, she seemed like she had no clue about anything that was being asked. I hate this woman, more than I hate Anne Coulter. Honestly, I hope she dies. But for the most part, I WANT HER TO GO THE FUCK AWAY. I WANT HER AND HER WHORE DAUGHTER AND DOWNE SYNDROME BABY* OFF MAGAZINE COVERS, OFF THE NEWS, OFF THE FUCKING PLANET, THE STUPID REDNECK BITCH.

*I have nothing against babies with downe syndrome, my cousin is one, I just feel like she's exploiting her pregnant whore daughter and downe syndrome baby to garner more sympathy and votes.

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