Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The List:#2 The Skater Boy


Numero Dos, We had one thing in common, I was just getting through the whole being the younger girl and he was just starting to go through being the Older boy with his ex. Funny story. His ex was... we'll call her serena. I had hated her guts since elementry school. Everything about her annoyed me. She sat next to me in my government class sophmore year (thats when all this happened) and when she found out I had been through the thing with Thomas she started talking about the thing with her skater boy (their age difference was only three years I think) Meanwhile i meet skater boy randomly at a friends house and we start chatting it up. Originally it was suppose to be only a friendship. He invited me to hang outs and everything but with my 10p.m. curfew it didn't really work out. SO then the late night phone calls, sneaking out and back seat chill sessions happened. To make it all better at school I'm listening to his ex's sappy whiney chit chat about how she still loved him and she thought some chick at the school was messing around with him and when she found out who it was she was gonna kill a hoe. (she definently did not say it that way but whatever) Eventually she found out "the hoe" was me due to assumptions and a scrapbook journal thing of mine that she managed to get her little hands on. She didn't even tell me to my face that she knew. Instead she wrote in my book "I can't believe you could do this to me. I told you about how I felt about (skater boy) and you did this to me?! Never talk to me again you pasty whore" to this day pasty whore is a huge joke amongst my buddies. Skater boy broke it off with one of those "don't wanna talk to you anymore" lines and me being new to the whole sex scene... well obviously I was pretty bummed. Being used isn't something they teach you in sex ed. But I guess thats karma. I felt a little bad about it all but hey... he was hot and I couldn't help it. Oh, and I have a scar on my knee cap from the seat belt in the back seat of his bronco. Stupid Boys.


Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

Awww. :(

You're going to have to give me names when I see you next.

Corrina said...

ok, i don't know you, but already, I LOVVVVVVE you haha. the list FTmfW