Monday, September 29, 2008

The List: Intro


Ask anyone who knows me and they can all tell you, I'm a rather... "friendly" person. I guess you could use the term slut but if so lets look at a conversation I had earlier this week, a conversation that spurred on this whole series called The List.

Friend: Don't call yourself a slut hun, You're no nasty hoe.
Me: But I am... aren't I?
Friend: Well, do you know all their names and can explain in relative detail the majority of your encounters?
Me:I think so....
Friend: Well, write it all down in your book or something. If you can do that you're not a slut... you're just friendly

So, thats what I'm gonna do. I'll write about each of them, one by one. Shouldn't take to long... I hope. (: So keep an eye out... I'll start posting soon

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