Friday, September 26, 2008

I don't think i'm high. Don't Judge

and what a silly thing to fear is death, I would much rather fear the time that happens without my knowledge or my consent. But when life is brought up to counter death, fear is an irrelevant and abstract idea. The best that we can do is to live the best that we can live in spite of time flying past faster than we can perceive, and drifting by slower than we would like it to, in spite of death approaching and life falling away. All the while, life approaches and death falls away into time we can't perceive to have occurred yet.

How we choose to live our best and use our time is up to you, me, no one, anyone. Each of us must come to terms with life, death, and time, but we need not come to the same terms and we need not come to them within any time frame or mindset.

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