Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday Night

I would say that Friday night was one of those "best nights ever." Like, I couldn't describe the amount of fun I had. I arrived at Corrina's house, and everyone was there. Eddie, Caca (John), Jules, her boyfriend (Travis? I can't remember his name), Sarah, Matt, Karl (Hookah Whore #2), Nely.. and even Eddie's little brother (and at one point, his mother). Later, Lindsay (PESCO-VEGGIE BUDDY) and her boyfriend, Andrew showed up.

We just had a blast. I even made a party foul ("At least you spit it in between your legs." "So, I cum tequila now?"), and we all laughed. Karl was SOOO cool. We were the hookah whores of the night. We're HOOKAH WHORES FO LIFE. YEAHHHH.

I can't really type anymore because I'm tired as fuck and I need to get up to go grocery shopping and go to work tomorrow.

But thanks guys for the BEST night EVER.

Coming Soon: Rick Astley & Society: The Psychological Point of View.

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