Saturday, March 22, 2008

LAX: The Truth

LAX. Los Angelas International Airport. There was movies in it, a television show all about it, famous events, the whole enchilada.

But what really happens in LAX?

The truth? Absolutely nothing.

So litte happens that I'd rather spend my day in Midway's Domestic Terminal because there's more shit to do.

Their international terminal consists of two bars, two duty free shops (which are oddly closed in the middle of the day), and some restrooms. There are shops in the terminal, but before security. Meaning if you wanna hang by your gate, you can't! You have to chill with the shitty bars and shit. You would have to go back out, shop, and go back through security. WHAT KIND OF SUCKAGE IS THAT? MAJOR SUCKAGE.

In SFO, you go through security, and its shops and entertainment galore. Here, its major suckage.

As I've completed my walk through the "good," part of the LAX International Terminal, I still see no good or fun parts. I saw a sign for an American Eagle, but it seems non-existant. And the lovely security line is getting longer again.

In summary, this place royally sucks.

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