Monday, January 28, 2008

Pacific Islander or Asian?

As most of you know I am 3/8's filipino. Sometimes people like to debate on whether filipinos are asian or pacific islander. Basically filipinos, and many other pacific islanders are considered malay or austronesian. Where did these austronesian/malay people come from? Taiwan and Southeast asia. Basically, sure y'all came from an island now but like a million whatever years ago, you're still basically asian. Just cuz you're not mongoloid in appearance(like chinese, etc.) doesn't mean you're not technically asian. People from india and the middle east are still asian too. basically, All islanders are descended from asians. hence the asians and islanders being put under "asian/pacific-islander". just shut up and quit trying to act like you're so much cooler than any other race. That's how the kkk started.

I sound like bitch.

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