Sunday, January 13, 2008

Off The Wall from RJ's point of view

Partied entirely too hard. We were in a venue known as "The Crackhouse" that really looked like a crack house. Me and some dude got way too close and I got grossed out and ran away. When I returned he was making out with Neil and I was like "Cool". Tickle was there and I was excited because she's basically my rave wife and I didn't know she was coming. I gave her a lap dance which ripped her fishnets. I spent most of the night texting Jaymie with unstable vision. Fortunately I wasn't the idiot who fucking OD'd and got the police and fire department called on us. When the police rolled up, Tatjana had Colleen and I run into the VIP upstairs to reduce the chance of us getting kicked out. Fortunately, we didn't. I continued to sit in the VIP for 2 more hours just grooving and still texting Jaymie. At one point while I was on the couch Neil sat next to me and stated that aforementioned some dude had ditched him for this scene guy. I have decided aformentioned some dude was a slut. Afterwards we went to fremont to some kind of creepy dude's house and Colleen and I wanted to leave. I called Jaymie while in the car and I think it was cool. We arrive at Tyler's house at 6am. We don't get to sleep till seven.
It was fucking crackin' even though I was barely on the dancefloor. Duffman next weekend.

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Jaymie said...

i had fun too. just by texting. =)