Saturday, January 12, 2008

In-n-Out & Other Stuff

Here's the In-n-Outs for this week.

- Barack Obama
- Renegade Raves
- Tapioca Express
- Max's Chicken
- lol cats
- Sailor Moon

- Hilary Clinton
- Hilary Clinton crying
- Hilary Clinton thinking she won the primaries, but she really TIED
- Hilary Clinton making people pay $10,000 to see her, and leave in five minutes
- Hilary Clinton's hair
- Gin
- Dying your hair pink; Ok guys, it looked good on me, but stop blobbing it onto random spots of your head

As for other things.. Renegade tomorrow. This thing was supposed to happen in DECEMBER. Well, it's about damn time we get this show on the road, right? Jimni Cricket is coming back to the city next weekend for Duff Man. I'm so pumped that it's unbelievable.

I realized one thing about being a photographer: You have just got to be a goof ball. Normal people can't be photographers. If you notice, each and every photographer is really weird in their own way. In order to get those amazing shots, you need to be a bit kooky in the head to see it, ya know? Maybe it's just me who sees this. Ah, well.

Well, internetz, I'm done with you for the time being.

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