Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fuck DHL.

So I ordered my Nikon D300 on Wednesday, and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting. I get a notification from EBay that says I did not pay for it, and need to do so. I did pay for it, so I decided to call the seller and let them know. He said, "It was paid for, and it says it was already delivered and picked up."

Ends up some DHL employee frauded as my "receptionist," and signed as me for the camera and took it home for themselves. I yelled at the DHL people, and told them that their "top security for packages" is bullshit otherwise they would've ID'd the person, or notified me that someone else is picking it up for me before they actually hand it over.

If the camera is not found, they're going to re-send me the camera. I'm supposed to call the seller again tomorrow.

I am just so fucking pissed that DHL is so fucking stupid.


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